member news jan 22
January 2021 brings many new benefits available for DRA members.

Our teams have been working solidly on a range of programs and initiatives. Both the Learning and Safety Portals have launched and the membership team have announced Member Pathways.

We’re also really pleased to announce Richard Lucas as the latest Spirit Award winner. The ‘Chief’ was nominated multiple times!

elearning portal

Learning Portal Launch

The training team have proudly launched the Learning Portal this week allowing DRA members to access new courses, complete assessments, interact with other learners, monitor their progress and get updates about when courses change or are released.

A welcome email was sent on Monday 24th January with member’s profile login details (if you are at engagement or deployment ready). If you have not reached engagement or deployment-ready, please contact your DRT Membership Coordinator for assistance. Once you have, you will receive a welcome email to the learning portal in the following 24 hours.

There will be further communication about the courses contained in the system in the following weeks. You are free to explore, and self-enrol.

If you have any questions or would like further information on the learning portal, please contact the training team on

Member Pathways Announcement

The announcement of Member Pathways was emailed to DRA members yesterday. The 5 member pathways range from getting out in the field to support and specialist roles. Each of the pathways has defined capability aspects and selected training will be offered depending on the pathway/s chosen.

Tell us what you think

We want to hear from you. Visit the member pathway FAQ page and use the form to provide your feedback. The form will be open for your feedback until 4th February 2022. (Edit. The member consultation period has now concluded.)

If you have any questions or would like further information on the new member pathways, please contact the friendly membership team on:
Phone: 02 80 729 132

dra members safety

Member Safety Portal

The safety team has launched the Safety Portal on the members website. The portal provides with easy access to Safety Alerts, Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) and a collection of the DRA Safety Manual, Policy and Procedures, plus Chainsaw and Other Powered Equipment Manuals – all intended to be of help in understanding and applying Safety throughout DRA.

Importantly too, there is opportunity for consultation – the portal has a consultation section where members may provide feedback on documents under review within a declared review period, and as an on-going feature of safety document feedback. For example, we have presented the recently updated SWMS for consultation: Over the next 6 weeks, until end of February 2022 we invite you to read the updated SWMS and provide feedback where improvements may be made.

Please note you need to be logged in to the member’s website to view the safety portal. To login, go to the homepage of the members website and look for the login box.


Spirit Award Winner Richard Lucas

Richard Lucas has been nominated as an extremely encouraging and welcoming personality, inspiring confidence and mutual respect in those around him.

He is described as “the sort of bloke that makes you feel included and at ease from the moment you meet him”. Another nominee says “He is a quiet achiever who gets the job done, takes care of the team, does it safely and competently”.

Aside from his confidence in leading teams and commitment to assisting the community, as a long-term firefighter and Station Commander within Fire and Rescue NSW, Richard has vast experience in responding to emergencies, trauma and the confronting nature of that work.

He joined DRA to further extend his service to disaster-affected communities, and does so in a way that is truly aligned with the spirit of DRA. The level of technical and leadership skills that the Chief demonstrates sets a high standard in field leadership, and serves as a role model to others in respectful, calm and confident conduct.