As 2021 draws to a close we would like to wholeheartedly thank you for your continuing contribution to DRA, your local community and each other.

In a challenging year, we’ve deployed 520 members over 5 operations and 282 members over 877 service project days. You’ve shown up and worked together both on the field and behind the scenes to propel the mission forward.

In 2022 we are launching DRT’s in Tasmania and Northern Territory, growing again in numbers and capability.

For now, we will take a well-earned break until 4th January 2022. We hope you can use the well-earned break to connect with family and friends. Wishing you all the best for 2022!

The membership team

November Spirit Award Member Alex Drew

When recognising those members who continually go above and beyond for those needing a hand, the name of volunteer leader Alex Drew comes strongly to mind.

Alex first came on our radar when he applied for a mobilisation role in 2020. He was initially assigned to MEL DRT though he resides in WA, and there he immediately got active in the DRT. An ADF veteran, Alex has a background in sports physiotherapy and humanitarian aid, Alex very quickly grasped the responsibilities of the back of house aspects of mobilisation, and when Op Woods spun up in Perth in his home turf earlier this year, Alex was there to assist in the set up from the ORT forward, acting in IMT roles of logs, ops, plans and also mentoring new members into the various tasks of running a full-scale reactive operation in the field.

With the launch of WA DRT off the back of the Op, Alex moved into the WA Mob Coordinator role, and was pivotal in the set up of the membership cell in WA, recruiting and training new leaders into roles within the wider DRT. This ability to adapt to changing needs in leadership roles, saw him working as a National Ops associate and more recently taking point on a community project in the field during Op Thorpe, all while balancing IMT mentoring and bringing new team members along as they found their feet on first-time deployments.

Tenacity, Mateship, and Service are all values Alex shows, and with his clarity of focus, he strives to find ways to keep members engaged, active and leaning forward, bringing those with him along to assist those in need.

Training 2022

2022 will see the return of the GID (General Induction Day). Beginning on the 15th January, each DRT will host a GID, giving potential new members a general introduction to DRA and the foundations for being a volunteer, including the fundamental basics of DRA’s values, mission and culture. Look out for updates from your local DRT and share widely!

The website training page has been updated with dates for the Strike Team Leaders course, Incident Management Team (IMT) Course and Public Relations Officer (PRO) Course.