fulcrumLast year, based on member feedback, we initiated a review of Fulcrum, the App we use for Work Order Management on Field Operations. We analysed the quality and completeness of Fulcrum data captured in Operations to date and identified 33 recurring issues. We sought feedback from Members via Tribe Chatter, which resulted in no less than 52 suggestions.

We have taken all this onboard and implemented significant improvements in 2 areas:
1. we redesigned the App – making it easier to navigate, answer questions, and track the status of each Job;
2. we created an on-line training package – incorporating 5 new training videos focussing on the use of the App by Damage Assessors and Strike Team Leaders.

Here’s an overview of the improvements to the App.

The steps that each Work Order goes through, from initial request to final closure, is clearly defined. The navigation within the App is based on these steps, making it easy to identify the action to take and who is currently responsible for that.

Assignment Lists
Team members assigned to each Work Order are entered in Fulcrum, making the paper based “MCS 204” form redundant.

Client Waivers
The Agreement between Property Owners and DRA is presented and signed within the App, and a copy can be emailed to the Property Owner.

Data Entry
Put simply, there is more checking off, and less typing. Contact Notes are automatically date & time stamped. Questions are context sensitive, and recommendations are provided (initially around assessment of Trees). Details are copied from Damage Assessment to Work Order to Task – no double entry of descriptions is necessary.

Addresses are validated and travel times are automatically calculated.

Easier tracking of asbestos risks, pre-departure, and pre-task checks. A copy of every one of our SWMS is available from within the App.

damage assessment work order process

Fulcrum eLearning

Our Fulcrum eLearning package provides an overview of our upgraded Fulcrum App and its uses within DRA, to both new users, and also those who have been ‘off the tools’ for a while to get their head back in the game.  The videos included in the package are:

  • Mobile Intro
  • Damage Assessments
  • Client Waivers
  • Developing a Work Order
  • Work Execution
  • Work Re-Visit

In summary, 40 of the 52 suggestions from Members have been implemented, and our new Fulcrum 2.0 App is available for future deployments.

Start Learning

To undertake Fulcrum eLearning, login to the eLearning Portal.  You will find a link to the training module on the dashboard. If you have any questions or would like further information on the learning portal, please contact the training team on training@disasterreliefaus.org