Spare parts and accessories

Recently, an authorised Stihl dealer identified an accessory which had been fitted to powered tools which was not an approved Stihl part for this equipment and in this case was manufactured by a third party.
Whilst there are many third party, aftermarket parts and accessories, DRA has a very limited ability to assure the quality and safety of such items.
In both these circumstances there are potential safety risks to DRA members, and this necessitates providing further clarity. DRA’s position is:

  1. Powered tools and equipment must be fitted with genuine parts and accessories which are recommended by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the specific item of equipment. OEM’s approved parts and accessories are listed in Operator’s Manuals and Catalogues.
  2. Third party, aftermarket parts and accessories are not to be fitted to powered tools and equipment. Where accessories are identified which might be of benefit to our operations, a specific case can be made to the Deputy Director Capability for consideration by the relevant capability manager.
  3. Parts, accessories and repairs are only to be sourced from authorised dealers.

Please ensure appropriate distribution of this alert. NLM and DRT Managers are requested to audit existing holdings.

The Operations Team
30 June 2021