Recently, some protective coveralls were acquired from local hardware outlets for operational use. These coveralls do not meet either of the two relevant standards for protection from solid particles or limited protection from liquid hazards.

The relevant standards are as follows:

ISO/EN 13982-1:2004 specifies the minimum requirements for chemical protective clothing resistant to penetration by airborne solid particles (Type 5). These garments are full-body protective clothing, i.e. covering trunk, arms and legs, such as one-piece coveralls or two piece suits, with or without hood or visors, with or without foot protection.

EN 13034:2005- Protective clothing against liquid chemicals – Performance requirements for chemical protective suits offering limited protective performance against liquid chemicals (Type 6)

Coveralls which meet these standards will be marked accordingly and for example will indicate:


A number of companies manufacture to these standards. Where possible, DRA will standardize the use of DuPont™ ProShield® 20 which is a hooded coverall for protection against particles (Type 5), limited liquid splashes or sprays (Type 6).

National Logistics and deployed logistics officers is requested to arrange replacement stocks and remove items not to these standards. These are generally available from specialist safety equipment outlets.

DRA SWMS Site Contaminants will be amended accordingly. For widest distribution.