Veteran’s Health Week ‘Get Moving’ 16th-24th October 2021

As we head into Spring and the weather begins to change, we’ve decided it’s time for some healthy competition. To celebrate Veteran Health Week, DRA members are going head-to-head in a ‘Get Moving’ Step Challenge. This friendly (yet competitive) challenge allows for those both in and out of lockdown to play their part in showing support for veterans in a fun, energetic and positive way.

Feel free to send in photos or videos of your progress as you go so we can share the good spirit and importance of the cause. So put on those running shoes, whack on your DRA t-shirt and show us what you’ve got. Let the competition begin!

HOW TO PARTICIPATE: Participating is easy, everyone can join in and have some fun. All you need is a tracker of some sort: Fitbit, Misfit, Garmin, Google Fit and Strava. We will use as our platform to track progress on a leader board. All DRA members are eligible to participate.
Each DRT member will compete for their DRT as well as individually. At the end of the week, the total weekly number of steps will be calculated for each DRT. The DRT with the most recorded number of steps wins the challenge. By participating in the challenge, members agree to the following terms.

DRT Individual Winners: $50 discount voucher code towards the DRA online shop
National Overall Winner: $200 discount voucher code towards the DRA online shop
DRT Overall Winning Team: Trophy

STEP 2: Connect to your device, choose from Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit, Misfit, Runkeeper, Strava, IOS health.
STEP 3: Dowload the Count.It App on your device
STEP 4: Select your DRT
STEP 5: Check the Leader Board from 16-24 October 2021 to track your DRT team’s progress.