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One of the key things the project team wanted to be able to assess as part of the Wellbeing Project is what motivates DRA members and what members like about the volunteering program, so that DRA can do more of the things that help their members.  

To help analyse this SAHMRI posed two key questions to DRA members, as part of round one of the Long-Term Wellbeing Surveys: 

  1. What motivates members to volunteer with DRA?    
  2. What do members like about DRA’s volunteering program?    

Overwhelmingly the feedback reveals that DRA members are motivated by helping others.  This gives them a sense of purpose and an opportunity to use their unique skillset to give back to communities and to support each other.  

Equally, when it comes to what DRA members like about volunteering with DRA, they have told us that they like the opportunity to help people.  They also like being part of a likeminded community, the sense of mateship and being given the opportunity to learn new skills. 

Moving forward, as DRA plans to expand its volunteering program, this information will be key to helping DRA inform their vision to grow the DRA Tribe so they can help more people in their time of need.