2023 Recognition Awards


In August, DRA will recognise and reward volunteers for their commitment and contribution to the organisation.
Our Recognition Awards are an opportunity for volunteers to nominate a fellow volunteer for one of six awards that align with DRA’s values.
The nominations will be shortlisted and assessed by a judging panel and winners announced during August.
If you know a volunteer who embodies or displays one of the below values, please cast your vote before 14 July 2023!

Important notes

  • All nominations will be short-listed and assessed by a panel
  • Please submit only one nomination per category.
  • You cannot nominate yourself
  • Nominations are open to all registered DRA volunteers
  • Nominations close on 14 July 2023 at 5pm (AEST)
If you have any questions, please contact DRA Membership Manager Dianna Georges at dianna.georges@disasterreliefaus.org

Award Categories

 The categories are as follows:
  • Courage: we act without fear or favour in the best interests of the communities we serve and each other.
  • Endurance: we know that beyond the next hill is a river and beyond the river another hill. Yet we will march undaunted until we reach those who need us.
  • Mateship: we assume the best about those with whom we serve stridently, we look after each other and the community: Mate first; self-second – always.
  • Tenacity: we bring order to chaos with a fierce blend of determination, flexibility, and grit.
  • Service: we serve without expectation of personal gain, recognition, or reward.
  • Respect: we act with every possible kindness, humanity and no matter what hold ourselves to a higher standard be respectful, be respected.