Member Pathway Information and Feedback

The membership team are committed to providing training opportunities that best match up to the skills and interests of our valued DRA members. We’re proud to announce we’ve nearly finalised a new Member Pathway program and would like you to let us know what you think!

There will be 5 member pathways to choose from, ranging from getting out in the field to support and specialist roles. If you have multiple interests – great! You can choose more than one pathway.

By letting us know your preferences, we can better develop training to enhance your skill set and future employment opportunities.

Each of the pathways has defined capability aspects and selected training will be offered depending on the pathway/s you choose.

1. Strike Team Member (deployment ready)
Strike Team Leader, Chainsaw Operations, Plant Operations, Fence Building, Drivers, Spontaneous Volunteer Management

2. Field Leadership Member (deployment ready)
Mission and Theatre Commanders, Operations and planning, Logistics, Safety, Aerial Damage and Assessment (ADAT)

3. Organisational Leadership Member (engagement ready)
DRT Managers, State Function Coordinators (Training), Specialist Projects

4. Support Team Member (engagement ready)
Medical and Welfare, Membership, Mobilisation, Information Technology, Administration and Finance, Human Resources

5. Community Team Member (engagement ready)
Marketing, Communications and Community Engagement, Events and Recruitment, Fundraising, Media Capture and Processing

Member Pathway FAQ’S

Why do I have to choose a member pathway?

By providing meaningful, attractive pathways for both ‘deployment ready’ and ‘engagement ready’ members, not only those that are physically able to perform arduous field activities but an array of support and specialist roles, the Membership pathways will enable future training opportunities to be developed and presented according to a members’ skillsets and interests, enhancing their proficiencies and employability beyond DRA.  

In providing a structured pathway, DRA will not only benefit from a membership base with refined skillsets, but those members will more readily be able to utilise and translate their DRA experience to obtain external employment.   

The outcome of members selections will assist DRA to develop merit and competency-based pathways into field and organisational leadership roles for those with the intent, attitude and motivation, fostering creation of ‘talent’ pools for crucial roles within the organisation.  

Will the new pathway affect my training opportunities?
No, the selection of specific ‘pathways’ does not negate a members’ ability to pursue several, additional pathways, or roles. EOIs will still be available for all training across the organisation, but targeted opportunities may be communicated directly depending on your chosen pathway. This will enable streamlining of members into preferred capabilities.
Can I select more than one pathway?

To ensure the effectiveness of the program in accordance with members’ skillsets and interests, members will be able to select more than one pathway.

Who can I contact if I need further information?

The membership team are contactable on 02 80 729 132 or

Can you change your pathway at a later date?

Yes, any member can change their pathway at any time as long as they fulfil the requirements of either deployment ready or engagement ready status in Muster

Do I need to change my Muster profile?
No, your response and preferences will be uploaded into Muster on your behalf, so long as you make sure to return your text message with your selected pathway/s.
Text messages will be sent requesting your member pathway selection in February.
Where can I see my pathway choice in Muster?
Your pathway selection will be under the new #Tab 5 in Muster
If my profile status changes or is put on hold what happens to my member pathway?
Your member pathway will remain the same unless you advise the membership team otherwise, however your ability to participate in specific activities may be affected if the opportunity requires members to be ‘Deployment Ready’ or Engagement Ready’, as is already the case for training, service projects and deployments.