Safety Alerts

Safety alerts are generated periodically by the safety team to quickly draw attention to recent safety incidents and focus members on safe work practices. Alerts originate from internal incidents as well as those which occur in all states and territories. Members and supervisors are encouraged to highlight relevant alerts in daily briefing when deployed on operations or other projects.

Trailer Sway Safety

A swaying trailer or caravan is a sight easily recalled –it’s terrifying, and more so if you are...

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Lightening Safety

A recent incident in the agricultural sector resulted in the death of a worker and injury to two...

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Heat Illness

With summer approaching, it’s timely to consider the risks of heat and ways to manage them. The...

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Asbestos Safety

A recent incident during DRA activities is a timely reminder of the dangers of asbestos. The DRA...

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Tree Felling

Accidents when conducting tree work are not uncommon. This alert highlights the importance of...

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Protective Coveralls

Recently, some protective coveralls were acquired from local hardware outlets for operational use....

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