I want to buy merchandise but I am not a DRA member

Head on over to our website Disaster Relief Australia to join today! Once you become ‘deployment ready’ in our volunteer system you will be provided access to our members website.

Help! I'm a DRA member but don't know how to login
  1. Go to members.disasterreliefaus.org Look for the login box at the top of the homepage
  2. Enter your Muster email address as ‘Username’ (the email address you use to login to Muster)
  3. Click on ‘Forgot your password’
  4. Wait 10 minutes (and then check your spam and/or ‘other’ inbox)
  5. After 10 tries of attempting to login you will be blocked for half an hour. If you are blocked after this time please send a support request from the contact page
I can't work out my size

You can look at this size chart for 5.11 tactical here.

How long until I get my gear?

Our partner will receive your order as you place it. They will go ahead and prepare your order which will involve applying the DRA logo. They will ship the order directly to you. Please allow a couple of weeks. COVID restrictions are currently further impacting delivery times.

Hey I need a refund!

If you need to return or refund your goods, please check here. Items marked with the DRA logo or logomark cannot be returned unless defective.

I bought something with a DRA logo but it doesn't fit

DRA branded gear cannot be refunded or exchanged with 5.11 Tactical. We’ve created a private Facebook group to help our members swap with each other.

Can I have another colour?

We’ve carefully selected colours to match our DRA colours! If you cannot see the colour you want, it’s not available through the member program.