Anastasia Bougesis (Project Sponsor) and Joep van Agtaren (Research Lead and Co Lead of Be Well Co) caught up for a discussion about the Round 1 Survey Results for the Wellbeing Project.

Anastasia – So we’ve just completed the first round of our quarterly surveys and I wanted to personally pass on a massive thank you to DRA members for getting involved. We set a really ambitious goal to engage 684 Members and we all but got there with 674 members completing round one of the quarterly surveys. What were some of the challenges specific to DRA in achieving this result. 

Joep – Yeah, as the array is made-up of about 90% volunteers or over 90% of volunteers and almost 70% being males, this posed some specific challenges in making sure we have sufficient participation. Generally it’s a bit trickier to get traction with either of these groups. So the fact that we pretty much hit our stretch target is actually pretty good. 

Anastasia – Yeah, that’s great. Our members certainly love a challenge. Congratulations to everyone for getting us over the line.  With so much information coming from our members, how will this impact your research? 

Joep – Yeah. Look, firstly, it’s quite a cool luxury problem to have. As a researcher, you always hope for a lot of data, so we can make better predictions. We tend to go for worst case scenarios normally, so it’s nice to know we have a bit of buffer to do some better analysis, but you’re not off the hook though, we kind of need to come back for future surveys. 

Anastasia – Yeah, that’s good to hear. It’s reassuring to know we’ve got off to such a great start and that summary of the quality of information you and your team need to do a thorough assessment of our volunteering program. We do have another 4 quarterly surveys with the next one coming in November and then February, May and August next year. We hope for equally encouraging results for the remainder of the service. 

Joep – Yeah, massive thanks. And we’ll be in touch during our next instalment of the survey during Movember.